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SMS Channel – Free CAT Preparation

June 29th, 2010 | 6 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

FireUp SMS Channel

This post is to introduce you all to a very useful and 100% free service provided by FireUp to all its users- the all new FireUp SMS Channel.

Now you can get various information, tips and tricks related to your CAT preparation directly on your mobile through SMS.

We will send you –

1)      English words with their meanings daily. How is it beneficial?

  • 5 Words daily means : 5×30= 150 words per month and 150×12=1800 words an year. (approx.)
  • You can revise them in your free time

2)     Quick calculation tricks which will surely make you a master at tackling data interpretation questions.

3)      Information about important events and dates related to CAT and other examinations.

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Mathematics Puzzle

June 28th, 2010 | 20 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Hello Friends,

Today I am giving you a very interesting puzzle.  This is not a very simple puzzle. You have to use your gray cells to answer this. You have to face similar problems in your Logical Reasoning part of CAT.  Don’t look at the existing answers (in comments), if there is any. Try it yourself


At a census there is the following dialog:

Field helper: number of children?

Citizen: three!

Field helper: age of Your children in whole numbers?

Citizen: The product of the years is 36.

Field helper: This not a sufficent answer!

Citizen: The sum of the ages equals the

number of the house of our next neighbour.

(Field helper acquires the number.)

Field helper: That is still not a sufficient answer!

Citizen: Our eldest child plays the piano.

Field helper: (after some mental calculations) – Fine, now I know the age of your three children. But it would not have been possible without the last clue.

How old are the three children?

Leave your answers below –

Sample Logical Reasoning CAT Questions

June 12th, 2010 | 21 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Sample Logical Reasoning CAT Questions- Directions for next 3 questions: Answers the logical reasoning questions based on the following information.
The following steps refer to a certain software programme. The steps given in the code (in simple English language) shows the stages of working of the programme.

Step 0: Start of programme.
Step 1: Select X, where X is a natural number.
Step 2: If X is a prime, go to step 5.
Step 3: If X is an even number, convert X to Y. Y is defined is step 6. Go to step 6.
Step 4: If X is an odd number, convert X to Y. Y is defined in step 7. Go to step 7.
Step 5: Display output as square root to X. Go to step 9.
Step 6: Y is defined as equal to two less than the square of X. Go to step 8.
Step 7: Y is defined as equal to 5 more than the square of X. Go to step 8.
Step 8: Display output as Y.
Step 9: End of programme.

1. Find the value of X if the output number displayed is 4.121.
a. 4
b. 7
c. 17
d. 21

2. Find the value of X if the output number displayed is 2406.
a. 33
b. 47
c. 48
d/. 49

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Euphemism – Definition and Examples

June 4th, 2010 | 7 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

We are delighted to announce that we will be adding lot of new content to our “Free CAT Prep” section.

Please mail us your suggestions on the topics you would like us to post for you. Mail us at info@fireup.co.in

To improve your vocabulary get 4-5 word meanings everyday on your mobile. Also get Maths Tricks, Current Affairs and much more – Free FireUp SMS CAT Preparation

This week’s Lesson – Euphemisms

What is Euphemisms?

Euphemisms are agreeable or inoffensive substitutes for expressions that might offend someone or suggest something unpleasant. Euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne.

For example, ‘death penalty’ can be considered as an offensive expression by some. Its euphemism will be ‘capital punishment’. For more commonly used euphemisms see below.

Opposite of Euphemism

Dysphemism is usage of a nasty term for something not-nasty

Common Usage of Euphemisms

Offensive Expressions Euphemisms
Death Demise
Pornography Erotica
Bad breath Halitosis
Poor Indigent, destitute
Customer of a prostitute John
Death rate Morality rate
Customer Patron, Guest
Boarder Paying Guest
Secondhand car, used car Pre-owned car
Public toilet Restroom, Amenity center, Comfort station
Lie Stretch the truth
Destitute, poor Underprivileged
Kill Marginalize
Handicapped Physically challenged

I am sure you will have many more such substitutes which you use in formal environment. Share them with all by commenting below.

Verbal Ability Sample Questions

June 2nd, 2010 | 9 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Verbal Ability Sample Questions- Directions for next 3 verbal ability sample questions: In each question, there are four sentences. Each sentence has pairs of words/phrases that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted words/phrases, select the most appropriate words/phrases to form correct sentences. Then from the options given below choose the best alternative.

1. The cricket council that was[A]/were[B] elected last March is[A]/are[B] at sixes and
sevens over new rules.
The critics censored[A]/censured[B] the new movie because of it’s social
Amit’s explanation for missing the meeting was credulous[A]/credible[B].
She coughed discreetly[A]/discretly[B] to announce her presence.

2. The further[A]/farther[B] he pushed himself, the more disillusioned he grew.
For the crowds it was more of a historical[A]/historic[B] event; for their leader, it was just another day.
The old man has a healthy distrust[A]/mistrust[B] for all new technology.
This film is based on a real[A]/true[B] story.
One suspects that the compliment[A]/complement[B] was backhanded. (

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