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Data Interpretation Questions With Answers

October 24th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized

Data Interpretation Questions With Answers: Direction for next 4 Data Interpretation Questions: Answer the data interpretation questions based on the following information:

The year is 2089. Beijing, London, New York and Paris are in contention to host the 2096 Olympics. The eventual winner is determined through several rounds of voting by members of the IOC with each member representing a different city. All the four cities in contention are also represented in IOC.

In any round of voting the city receiving the lowest number of votes in that round gets eliminated. The survivor after the last round of voting gets to host the event.

A member is allowed to cast votes for at most two different cities in all rounds of voting combined. (Hence, a member becomes ineligible cast a vote in a given round if vote the city (s) he votes for in earlier rounds are out of contention in that round of voting).

A member is also ineligible to cast a vote, in round if the city (s) he represents is in contention in that round of voting.

As long as the member is eligible, (s) he must vote and vote for only one candidate city in any round of voting.

The following incomplete table shows the information on cities that received the maximum and minimum votes in different, the number of votes cast in their favor and the total votes that were cast in those rounds.

Round Total Votes cast Maximum votes cast Eliminated
City No. of votes City No. of votes
1 London 30 New York 12
2 83 Paris 32 Beijing 21
3 75

It is also known that

All those who voted for London and Paris in round 1, continued to vote for the same cities in subsequent rounds as long as these cities were in contention. 75% of those who voted for Beijing in round 1, voted for Beijing in round 2 as well.

  • Those who voted for New York in round 1, voted either for Beijing or Paris in round 2.
  • The difference in votes cast for the two contending cities in the last round was 1.
  • 50% of those who voted for Beijing in round 1, voted for Paris in round 3.

1. What is the number of votes cast for Paris in round 1?
a. 16
b. 18
c. 22
d. 24

2. What percentage of members from among those who voted for Beijing in round 2 and were eligible in vote in round 3, voted for London?
a. 33.33
b. 38.10
c. 50
d. 66.67

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CAT Verbal Ability Questions

October 17th, 2010 | 3 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Direction for next 3 CAT Verbal Ability Questions: Each verbal ability questions consists of 4 sentences on a topic. Some of them are grammatically incorrect/ inappropriate. Select the one which indicates the correct option.

A. Most mobile phone and cable companies are no longer content just to selling Web access to consumers.
B. After investing in high speed pipes, they also want to peddle more of lucrative products, such as TV programs, movies and phone calls.
C. But selling those extras puts the phone and cable companies in competition with Web services big and small.
D. The network operators could block consumers from popular sites such as Google, in favour of their own.
a) C & D
b) D
c) B
d) A & C
e) C

2. A. A Google- Sun Alliance, if it flowers, could take advantage of new technology for running applications on the web, one that eliminates the sluggishness and limited functions of traditional Web-based programs.
B. But advances in technology and the hints dropped by the very secretive Google suggests that it could become a reality few years down the road.
C. In the longer run, however, this could be a big deal indeed for the computer users, especially in home, in school and in small businesses.
D. While lacking some of the polishes of Microsoft Word or Excel, Star Office is more than adequate for most consumers, educational and small business uses.
a) B & C
b) B,C & D
c) A & D
d) A
e) A & B

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Honing a unique strategy to bell the CAT

October 11th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

With just 2 weeks left for CAT 2010 to begin, it is time for you to remain calm and composed. Hitting the panic button, as the d-day is nearing, might be an easier way out but surely not the wisest!

If you already have a strategy in place that suits your individual style, then you are obviously better equipped that the majority but stay grounded. In any circumstance, do not be over-confident.

If you have not carved out a suitable strategy for yourself as yet, NOW would be the time to do it before it is too late. However do not feel disgusted. Remain confident. CAT is not something to be scared of. All you need to do is maintain a balance between speed and accuracy and of course, keep in mind that working smart is more important than working hard!!

Time management is really important at this juncture, both in your daily routine as well as in your test-taking style. Work out a daily routine for yourself giving relaxation its due importance. Keep aside some time for entertainment, exercise and meditation and adequate hours for sleep. Do not set out a very difficult layout as you will not be able to follow it for more than 2-3 days. Set a realistic and achievable target for yourself and stick to this as far as possible.

As far as your test taking style is concerned, do not waste too much time on a particular question. Learn to get over that urge to get the answer if you have already wasted time on it without any results. Solving a question should not become an ego issue. Focus more on accuracy than attempting more number of questions. Believe me, it pays off. Make sure that whatever option you have marked is the right one. It is absolutely fine if you take a few seconds per question extra.

Quantitative Ability Questions

October 6th, 2010 | 5 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Quantitative Ability Questions And Answers.

Directions for next 3 Quantitative Ability Questions: Answer the quantitative ability questions on the basis of the given below information.

In the given figure, there are two circles with centers A and B which touch each other at E. The line passing through the centers meets the common tangent to the two circles, which touch the circles at C and D, at P. The length of AP is 66 cm and the ratio of the radii of the circles is 5:6.

Quantitative Ability

1. What is the ratio of the length of PB to BA?

a. 6:1

b. 5:1

c. 12:5

d. 6:5

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Tips for CAT 2010

October 1st, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized

Guest Post by Nikita Patwa

As countdown to CAT 2010 begins, Nikita shares with all the CAT 2010 takers some important tips and suggestions. Join me in thanking her for sharing such useful tips for handling upcoming examinations.

CAT – Way To Win

The season seems to be changed. Those puny puny preparations transformed in all nights love and practice with books with coffee in one hand and pen in other.

With need of arduous work and fame CAT accompanies some Satan like depression, trepidations etc. But good news for all aspirants is that, they will overcome all the evils with the angels of confidence. So here are some tips you need to follow during the last hot time and all evils will be thrashed out from your mind.

The Best Mantra

CAT= Preparation + Confidence – BoredomIndifference

Well if you had been loyal throughout your studies no one can ever hinder your success. Remember “be true to your talents”.

Things to Do in Last Month

Revisit your problem areas.

Revise! Revise!!Revise!!!

Make daily schedule and make important notes.

Practice mock cat’s as many as you can. (But never forget to tap your back for your performance)

Discuss and help your buddies to solve the problem areas.(doesn’t make difference to help someone because your competition is not with one but with a big number aspirants)

Things to Be Taken Care in Last Week


No more mock CATs.

Revise especially Quants.

Well time to tune your biological clock according to your exam slot.

Don’t ever forget to wish yourself “LUCK”.

Get some fresh air and enjoy it.

Things to be Managed in Hall

Be with your required documents.

Read instructions carefully.

Remember you have sectional cutoffs. (Try to allocate about equal time to each section)

Every question is solvable, but not every question should be solved.

No question is an ego issue.

Don’t panic if the question is tough and don’t be elate if they are not.

Well friends it’s been a long time you must have spent with your books and all focus in studying trying hard. So the right time has come to put your knowledge in right direction. So dear it’s not going to hurt if you watch “Inception” one time but it will hurt if you see that 5th time. Remember “it’s not always about aptitude but it’s about your atitude that will lead you to success. If you can think! Yes you can do it!!