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CAT 2009 will not be a Computer Adaptive Test

July 23rd, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

FireUp prepares you for the exact test format of CAT as clarified by IIM Ahmadabad.

CAT 2009: Frequently Asked Questions (1 July 2009)

Q1: I hear that CAT will be held online. Is that correct?

A1: CAT is going to be a computer based test (CBT) and not internet based test (IBT). I.e. Candidate does not take the test on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

Q2: I hear that CAT will be a computer adaptive test. Is that correct?

A2: No, CAT is not going to be a computer adaptive test.

Q3: Will the format of the test change?

A3: The format of the test will remain more or less the same except that a candidate reads question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer.

Q4: Can I take the test from any computer?

A4: No. A candidate will take the test only at designated test venues in about 25 cities across India. Detailed information will be provided in the CAT 2009 advertisement.

Q5: But how do I do rough-work and calculations while arriving at the answers?

A5: At the test venue, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he/she will be provided with a writing pad with numbered pages for calculations. After the test, candidate must leave the pad including all the pages in it at the desk. Rough-work cannot be done on any other paper/sheet as nothing will be allowed to be taken inside the test hall.

Q6: Can you give more details on taking test in a CBT format?

A6: We will be giving more details at a later stage.

Q7: But when is the CAT 2009 advertisement going to appear in newspapers?

A7: Advertisement for CAT 2009 will appear during the later part of August 2009.

Q8: How much is the test fee for CAT 2009 and how do I pay?

A8: Candidate Testing Fee is Rs. 1400 (Rs. 700 for SC/ST candidates). A prospective candidate buys a CAT 2009 Voucher from designated locations/bank branches after advertisement appears in newspapers. Sufficient time will be given for purchasing the voucher. More details will be available on our websites after the advertisement appears in newspapers.

Q9: How do I register for CAT 2009?

A9. The Voucher bought by the candidate gives instructions on how to register for CAT 2009. At this time, it would suffice to say that candidates are expected visit CAT website to register for CAT 2009. Sufficient amount of time will be given to register online. More details will be given in the advertisement and the voucher.

Q10: How do I get my admit card for the test?

A10: After you fill-in, review, and submit the registration information during online registration, you will receive an email containing your Admit Card.

Q11. Does that mean I need to have an E-mail account?

A11. Yes, you must have a valid E-mail account throughout the selection process.

Q12: What do I need to bring at the time of test?

A12: You must bring the printed copy of the admit card, one picture ID, and any other ID not necessarily with a picture. Do not bring any other material and personal belongings with you, for no personal belongings and materials will be allowed in test-hall. More details will be provided later.

Q13: Can you please tell me when will the CAT 2009 be conducted?

A13: CAT 2009 will be conducted during a ten-day window starting at the end of November 2009. Exact dates will be mentioned in the advertisement.

Q14: Can I take CAT more than once during the testing window?

A14: No, a candidate can register to take test only once during the CAT 2009 testing window. Admit cards and picture ids of the candidates will be checked, and candidate pictures and biometric information will also be captured at the test venue.

Q15: When are CAT 2009 result expected to be declared?

A15: CAT 2009 results are expected to be declared by the end of January 2010. Exact date of result declaration will be informed at a later stage.

Q16: When will we get more updates?

A16: Any important developments may be posted on IIM sites and CAT website about a month later.

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