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CAT Verbal Sample Questions

May 14th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

CAT Verbal Sample Questions- Directions for next 5 CAT Verbal Sample Questions: In each of the following CAT verbal sample questions, identify the sentences with errors and then mark the respective choice as your answer.

1. A. show me an intelligent woman in a house and I will show you an unhappy man in the same place.
B. they were charged for murder.
C. she was advised to lie in the bed for a week.
D. under-confident people have a problem with expressing themselves and portrayal of their true feelings.
(A) A and D
(B) C and A
(C) B and D
(D) B and A
(E) D and A

2. A. it is not only important to enthusiastic but also to feel it.
B. the reliance group has come up with a costumer-friendly scheme, for people who can’t pay the entire amount at one go.
C. Dora can’t go to the party tonight because she is studying for final examinations.
D. I understand your apprehensions regarding the new project.
(A) A and D
(B) B and C
(C) A and B
(D) D and C
(E) all of these

3. A. the quake-hit people worked hard to keep the dog from the door.
B. what are you referring to?
C. Three froths of the cake are been eaten.
D. the majority believes that a male child is better than a female.
(A) Only A
(B) A, B and D
(C) A and D
(D) only D
(E) A and C

4. A. neither of them was available for comment.
B. Charles is going to pick up Mike at his office.
C. the range has so many colours to choose from.
D. newsport is as big a company as Marshall Limited.
(A) A and C
(B) only B
(C) only D
(D) B and D
(E) no errors

5. A. what did you do to look so stunning?
B. the kind of house I am looking for is the one with two rooms.
C. two dollars are all I had to pay for this doll.
D. the comparison made between the two products were unfair.
(A) C and D
(B) only A
(C) A and D
(D) B and C
(E) only C

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  2. abhiron bhattacharya Says:


  3. admin Says:

    1. Answer: (C)
    Explanation: In option (B) A person is charged ‘with’ murder in choice. (D) According to parallelism it should be ‘expressing and portraying their true feelings’
    A and C are perfect.

    2. Answer: (C)
    Explanation: ‘Not only’ is misplaced in option A, the correct version is ‘important not only to look’. In sentence B Customer is misspelled as ‘costumer’.

    3. Answer: (C)
    Explanation: ‘To keep the wolf from the door’ is the correct idiom .In option D The word ‘majority’ is used in the singular sense. So the correct verb is ‘believes’.

    4. Answer: (B)
    Explanation: To pick up ‘from’ the office is correct.

    5. Answer: (D)
    Explanation: Choice (B) should easily be rephrased as ‘I’m looking for a two room house’. An amount of money makes a singular subject. Hence. ‘Two dollars is’ will be correct.

  4. piyana Says:

    c c c d d

  5. divya Says:

    @admin: in Q5, D is also wrong as ” the comparison” is supposed to be singular, so it should be “was unfair”!!

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