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Data Interpretation, Data Interpretation Questions, Sample Data Interpretation

February 6th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Data Interpretation: Directions for next 5 data interpretation questions: Refer to the line graph below and answer the data interpretation questions that bellow.
Data Interpretation
1. What is the average of simple annual growth rate of turnover of Direct selling business in India during the given period?
a. 42%
b. 60%
c. 78%
d. 137.5%

2. If Wamay and Nova were only companies in the direct selling business in India till 1998 with the Wamay market share three times that of Nova, then what is percentage growth in Nova’s turnover during the given period?
a. 10%
b. 15.6%
c. 35%
d. 46.7%
3. Balife was launched in 2000. Since then, number of its distributors is increasing by 25% every year while it’s turnover by 20%, then what was the turnover to number of distributor’s ratio of Balife during its launching year?
a. 36120
b. 39820
c. 42320
d. 45720

4. Which of the following is definitely false?
a. The ratio of turnover and number of distributors is maximum for Belife during 2002.
b. Top 4 companies together have more than 80% of total number of distributors in the direct selling business in India during 2002.
c. There are not more than 18 companies in direct selling business in India during 2002.
d. None of these.

5. During which year, the ratio of turnover to number of distributors has shown maximum percentage increase over the previous year?
a. 1999
b. 2000
c. 2001
d. 2002

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