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Data Interpretation Questions

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Directions for next 4 Data Interpretation Questions: Answer the Data Interpretation Questions the basis of the information given below.

Purana and Naya are two brands of kitchen mixer grinders available in the local market. Purana is an old brand that was introduced in 1990, while Naya was introduced in 1997. For both these brands, 20% of the mixer grinders bought in a particular year are disposed off as junk exactly two years later. It is known that 10 Purana mixer-grinders were disposed off in 1997. The following figures show the number of Purana and Naya mixer- grinders in operation from 1995 to 2000, as at the end of the year.

1. How many Naya mixer-grinders were purchased in 1999?
a. 44
b. 50
c. 55
d. 64
e. 66

2. How many Naya mixer-grinders were disposed off by the end of 2000?
a. 10
b. 16
c. 22
d. 26
e. cannot be determined from the data

3. How many Purana mixer-grinders were purchased in 1999?
a. 20
b. 23
c. 50
d. 55
e. Cannot be determined from the data

4. How many Purana mixer-grinders were disposed off in 2000?
a. 0
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7
e. Cannot be determined from the data

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  2. admin Says:

    1. Ans.b. In 97 no. of NMG purchased are 30 so in 99, 20% of these i.e., 6 will be disposed off it means 24 are carried forward, 50 are purchased in 98. So total no. of NMG purchased in 99 will be 124-(50+24) =50.

    2. Ans.b. In 99 no. of disposed off NMG =6. In 2000 the no. of disposed off NMG will be 20% of newly purchased in 98 i.e., 20% 0f 50 =10. Total no. of disposed off NMG by end of 2000 will be 16.

    3. Ans.a. As 10 Purana mixer grinders were purchased in 1997 and difference between 1996-97 Purana brands is 182 –162 =20. So total mixer purchased in 1997 =20 +10 =30. 20% of 30 = 6.So 6 Purana brands were disposed off in 1999. So total purchased in 1999 = (236-222) + 6 =14+6 =20.

    4. Ans.e. Since we don’t have any idea, how many Purana mixer grinder were disposed off in 2000. We can’t calculate this also, as we don’t have again knowledge of no. of purchase or disposed of in year 1998 or 96.So answer cannot be determined.

  3. vikram singh Says:

    plese send me question of data interpretation with solution

  4. vikram singh Says:

    actully after 30 dadys i will give the exam of bank PO so plz send me some importent question of D I

  5. Ram Says:

    Guess I am being blind here. I do not see where there is a purchase of 30 NMG mentioned anywhere here, as per your firs answer. Its only in 98 I see not 30, but 80 units bought. Correct if I am not looking at it properly. Thanks.

  6. AKS Says:

    There is no logic in the answer posted. Also the figures used in the solution and in the given problen are irrelevant.

  7. Gopalakrishnan Says:

    Admin…..please post the correct solution for the data interpretation that u have posted above…..it makes me feel bit weird

  8. Thilak Says:

    My Answers are :-
    1) a
    2) b
    3) e
    4) c

  9. ramesh Says:

    I agree with ram, thr is no figur of 30 in nmg in
    97. pls correct.

  10. Ashish Says:

    Well, in the given figure just take the 30 instead of 0 in 97 for nmg…
    then the solutions given by admin are correct… 😉
    Else by the given fig. the answers are:
    1) a
    2) b
    3) a
    4) e

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