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Magic Puzzle

July 13th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Here is a puzzle which you can use for entertainment in parties with your friends, and enjoy the magic.

Ask your friend to secretly write any number with any number of digits, but not ending with zero.(Say he writes 89635). Now ask him to add up the all digits and then subtract the total from the original number. (In example, the total of all digits is 8+9+6+3+5 = 31, and then subtract the total from original number i.e. 89635 – 31 = 89604). Now ask him to cross any one digit from this resulting number and tell the remaining number. (In example say he crosses out 6 and tells you the remaining number 8904).

Now you have to do your magic. You did not know what was the number he wrote. What was the total of all its digits and what was the difference. You have to tell the digit he crossed out only by knowing the remaining number he told you.

Can you do it? I know many of you will be able to do it. So what are you waiting for? Post your answer now!

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9 Responses to “Magic Puzzle”

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  2. Vineet Bengani Says:

    sum of the digits of the no. obtained by subtracting the the addtion of digits of the original from original no. should be the multiple of 9.
    i.e. 8+9+0+4+ the digit crossed shud me multiple of 9

  3. FIREUP Says:

    So whats the answer?

  4. Vineet Bengani Says:

    ans ::
    let x be the crossed digit
    “sum of the digits of the remainig no. + x” should be divisible by 9

  5. neeraj Says:

    answer is 6
    am i not the genius?

  6. Jaya Says:

    The number which is remaining is divided by 9 and the very next multiple of 9 minus the remaining number gives us the number that is crossed out.
    Ex: 8904/9=989
    hence the next multiple 990*9=8910
    therefore, 8910-8904=6, which is the crossed number.

  7. mohit Says:

    the nimber you get by subtracting the sum of digit from he number will be divisible by 9,so the digit subtracted is 6 in this case(given)

  8. sri krishna Says:


  9. shanmuga sundaram Says:

    the remaining number is 8904.we should add it and make it a single digit.i.e.,(8+9+0+4=21->2+1=3)then 3 should be subtracted from 9.i.e.,9-3=6.thus we get the answer.AM I CORRECT?

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