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Quantitative Ability Questions

December 16th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Directions for next 3 quantitative ability questions: Answer the quantitative ability questions based on the following information.

In Las Vegas, there are six major casinos, Casinos A, D and F are very lucky for Big B, as he always wins when he plays at any of these casinos. But at B, C and E casinos, he always loses. At A, D and F casinos, the ratio of his earnings is 1:4:6, at D he wins Rs. 200. At B, C and E the ratio of his losses is 5:3:2, and at B he losses Rs. 100.

Quantitative Ability Questions
It costs him Rs. 20 per km to travel between any two casinos. Big B also has to pay 40% of his earning at the previous casino as the entry fees in the next casino.
The values in the brackets are distance in km.

1. If Big B follows A-B-C-D-E-F route, at which casino his loss will be maximum. Consider traveling charges and entry fess as loss.
a. B
b. C
c. E
d. None of these

2. What will be the net result if Big B follows A-C-B-D-E-F route?
a. Rs. 50 gain
b. Rs. 150 gain
c. Rs. 200 loss
d. None of these

3. If instead of A-C-B-D-E-F, Big B follows A-C-E-F, what will be the change in his earnings?
a. Rs. 140
b. Rs. 150
c. Rs. 160
d. Rs. 170

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