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Sample Data Interpretation Questions

March 10th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Sample Data Interpretation Questions: Directions for next 4 sample data interpretation questions on the basis of the information given below.

The number of books in store, number of books sold, number of books ordered but not picked up and sales returns from previous years have been shown in the figures below for Om book store for threes years. The stored opened in the year 2000. Numbers of books in a year include books ordered but not picked up in that year. However, net sales for a year are calculated based on the difference between number of books sold and the sales returns for the year. 60% of books ordered but not picked up, are picked up in the next year and the remaining in the year after that. Numbers of books available for sales at the beginning of the year in store = unsold of last year + Sales returned books of the last year + Fresh purchases for the year are made at the beginning of the year.
Numbers of books sold in a year does not include books from past year which but not picked up.

Data Interpretation

1. How many units of books were picked up from the store in 2002?
a. 860
b. 700
c. 810
d. None of these

2. Among the books available for sales, how many units of books were there lying in the store already and how many were fresh purchases beginning of the year 2002?
a. 800, 200
b. 740, 260
c. 600, 400
d. None of these

3. At the end of 2002, how many total units of books ordered were not picked up from the store?
a. 180
b. 220
c. 300
d. None of these

4. Total net sales of books (in units) of the store for the given three years is
a. 3300
b. 3150
c. 2970
d. None of these.

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