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Sample Verbal Questions

August 17th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Direction for next 3 Questions: Fill in the blanks with one of the choices provided below.

1. ____ a business is all about proper decision making.
a. Finishing
b. Catching
c. Running
d. Laundering
e. Hunting

2. Any business calls for two ____ functions.
a. critical
b. rudimentary
c. innate
d. None of these
e. explosive

3. Buying and selling, they would say. However, great businesses ____ another important function.
a. comprise
b. consist of
c. collect
d. entail
e. None of these

3 Responses to “Sample Verbal Questions”

  1. pranay Says:

    my answers are:
    1} c running
    2} b rudimentary
    3} a comprise

  2. admin Says:

    1. c
    Explanation: ‘Running’ is most akin to ‘managing’. ‘Laundering’ means to wash, which is irrelevant. ‘Hunting’, ’catching’ both don’t fit into the meaning as well. ‘Finishing’
    Doesn’t complement the sentence. So the answer is ‘Running’, hence c.

    2. a
    Explanation: The functions here have to be critical otherwise the business fails. Whereas ‘rudimentary’ means elementary and ‘innate’ means inherent, both do not suggest a meaningful sentence. ‘explosive’ is irrelevant so the answer is ‘critical’, hence a.

    3. d
    Explanation: ‘Entail’ here means ‘necessitate’.

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