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Fast Reading for Reading Comprehension

May 26th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Reading Comprehension – Fast Reading

We keep on getting requests from FireUp patrons (both paid and unpaid users) to publish various tips which could help them in their preparation for CAT or other MBA entrance examinations.

Good News for You!!

There’s good news for all of you. Now onwards FireUp’s Free CAT Prep section will feature exclusive CAT prep tips. We hope all of you will make full use of FireUp’s new initiative. We can make it successful only with your participation. So write to us your suggestions, requests, and feedbacks. Email id is info@fireup.co.in

Here’s our first post under this initiative

Biggest hindrance to speed reading and its solution

Subvocalization limits your reading to the speed of normal speech to about 200-300 wpm only. It is the tendency to pronounce words as they are read. Activating parts of the brain related to pronouncing limits the reading speed to 250 wpm only. This common flaw is what limits performance of average readers.

Eliminating Subvocalization to Increase Reading Speed

So how can we get rid of the “inner voice” that reduces our reading speed? Here are a number of ways to speed-read by eliminating subvocalization:

Simply the Process

As discussed earlier in Speed Reading post, below-average readers are slowed down when they read word for word. From this, they either verbally or mentally hear themselves voice each word before finally comprehending the meaning of each word. However, there is a better way. The faster way eliminates the practice of hearing your own voice reading each word – you glance at the word and go directly to understanding its meaning.

Adjust the Speed

This actually reinforces initial efforts to shortcut the process as stated above. Step up eye movements across the page to prevent the inner voice from actually verbally or mentally saying the text you are reading. Pick-up the pace of the finger, hand, pen, or card movements as you go over the material. The objective here is to distract you and skip the subvocalization process in order to speed up the reading process.

Consider the reading material in entirety

When reading, people have the tendency to focus on the word or blocks of words only, paying no attention to the whole thought and idea expressed in the sentence, paragraph, and reading material as a whole. Shift the focus on the entire idea expressed in the book, article, or any reading material you are holding.

Constant practice with these techniques increases the number of words read at each eye stop and picks up your pace in reading.

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  2. topher Says:

    Thanks for the great article. I have tried these tips and they seem to work. I have tried them while using the speed reading software my parents got me to work my way through college – eyeQ. I highly recommend this article to my friends and the eyeQ program to anyone who is interested in learning how to speed read.

  3. kalyana rama swaroop Says:

    the intention of FireUp – CAT to help for the cat aspirants is very impressive……its is very helpful for me with many exercises and topic wise questions and with cute answers and sweet analysis……

  4. kalyanram Says:

    The intention of FireUp-CAT to help for the cat aspirants is very impressive……its is very helpful for me with many exercises and topic wise questions and with cute answers and sweet analysis……

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