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Contents of Group Discussion CD Module

Chapter 1††††††††††† Introduction to a Group Discussion
  1. What is a Group Discussion?
  2. Group Discussion Vs Debate
  3. Objectives of Group Discussion
  4. How Group Discussions are conducted?

Chapter 2††††††††††† Preparation for Group Discussion
  1. Types of Group Discussion
-††††††††† Normal Group Discussions -††††††††† Case study (depicted with a animated video) -††††††††† FireUpís Recommendation on Case Study† (casestudyrecommendation.doc/pdf) -††††††††† FireUpís Case Study Analysis (casestudyanalysis.doc/pdf) -††††††††† Role Play Video -††††††††† FireUpís Recommendation on Role Play (roleplayrecommendation.doc/pdf) -††††††††† Group Tasks with Animated Examples
  1. Types of Group Discussion Based on Start
Chapter 3††††††††††† Two Real-Time Group Discussions Group Discussion Ė Video -1 & 2
  1. FireUpís Recommendation of Group Discussions (recommendation1/2.doc/pdf)
  2. FireUpís Analysis of Group Discussions† (analysisgd1/2.doc/pdf)
Chapter 4††††††††††† Two Real-Time Group Discussions Group Discussion Ė Video -3 & 4
  1. FireUpís Recommendation of Group Discussions (recommendation3/4.doc/pdf)
  2. FireUpís Analysis of Group Discussions† (analysisgd3/4.doc/pdf)
Qualities Required for Cracking Group Discussion (qualities.doc/pdf) Chapter 5††††††††††† Evaluation Criteria
  1. Macro Parameters of Evaluation
  2. Micro Parameters of Evaluation
-††††††††† Success Mantras & FireUp Missiles of Mass Destruction -††††††††† FireUp Missile Ė 1 with Audio Book -††††††††† FireUp Missile 2 & 3 Dress Code for participants of Group Discussion Presented through Animated Stills Chapter 6††††††††††† Advanced understanding of Group Discussions topics
  1. Interruptions in a Group Discussion
-††††††††† Real Time Video Extracts representing important points
  1. Common Mistakes in a Group Discussion
-††††††††† Real Time Video Extracts & Audio Books representing Common Mistakes
  1. Doís and Doníts in a Group Discussion (dosanddonts.doc/pdf)
Suggested Group Discussion Topics -††††††††† Suggested Group Discussion topics and explanation (suggestedgroupdiscussiontopics.doc/pdf) Group Discussion topics of previous years (previousyearsgd.doc/pdf) Different Types of Group Discussion Topics (differenttypesgd.doc/pdf) Conclusion of Group Discussion *The .doc/pdf file names given are in addition to the narration done by the experts in the CD

“Education is not about filling a bucket, it’s about lighting a fire.” In consonance with our ideal of ‘igniting intellect’, fireup is coming out with an array of  breakthrough education software on interactive CD-ROMs.



Product Description

 An innovative series of four mock group discussion videos enables the user to see the body language and hear the voices of on-screen video participants in a typical group discussion setting and interact in real time. It uniquely allows the aspirants to actively observe and evaluate commonly made GD mistakes as well as the corresponding positive scenarios and learn from them.

A role-play video, an animated case study video make use of cutting-edge technology to facilitate the visualization of concepts and examples.


Give your GD preparations the technology advantage!!

 Group Discussion is an evaluation platform to judge the aspirant’s   verbal and non-verbal communication skills, group dynamics, knowledge base and attitude. It is a critical component in the selection process, be it for admissions to a premier B-School, campus recruitment or for a dream job.

 A revolutionary ‘Group Discussion’ Training Program on an innovative CD-ROM platform to boost your preparations.

 The courses aim to build the intellectual capacities and capabilities of individuals to enable them to unleash their full potential for success in competitive examinations like CAT, in career and in life.

The interactive CD with audio files contains comprehensive preparatory tips, evaluation criteria, group psychology guide, sample cases and success strategies with ‘fireup missiles’ for a successful GD outcome.