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e-CAT Test Series  

Fireup e-CAT Test Series – a test drive for success!
  • Online interface- It prepares you for the online version of the CAT to be introduced from 2009. It gives you a complete CAT experience with features such as the online interface, OMR answer sheet and other such aspects.
  • CAT-Type questions-The Tests have a standard of questions that is very close to the actual CAT and the learning that one can derive by working them out would be immense.
  • Prepares you for surprises-There is enough variation in the Sectional and Full Length Tests to give you a cutting edge for the inconsistencies in the pattern of CAT exams.
  • Hones your skills-It sets the stage to gives you practice in time-management and stress-management skills so vital to your success on C-Day.
  • Benchmarks your performance- It gives you a national percentile ranking and provides a detailed analysis of your performance to help you benchmark your performance.
Fireup Analysis - the key to top-notch preparation
  • Provides the most comprehensive personalized analysis report across important parameters like speed, accuracy, question selection, time allocation.
  • Helps you to learn about your relative strengths and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Gives you an analysis of your performance vis-á-vis the competition as well as your previous performances.
  • Shows the effectiveness of your test-taking strategy and enables you to make the necessary corrections.
  • Makes you a thinking and smart test-taker.

e-CAT Prep Material  
  • Quantitative Reasoning – We starts from the basic fundamentals in all topics and progress to tougher questions. Our main tenet is speed with accuracy. We strengthen mental arithmetic and help in quick calculations by Vedic mathematics and shortcuts.
  • Verbal Reasoning- Our grammar and vocabulary lessons will do wonders to your language skills and enrich your vocabulary.
  • Reading comprehension- We enable the students to augment their reading speed, recall value and comprehension through speed reading, memory techniques and cue cards respectively.
  • Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency - We excel you in IQ tests to enhance your eye for details and faster calculation, that is, the art of approximation.
  • Logical, Critical & Analytical Reasoning –
    Each sub-module has several chapters and it consists of both study material and comprehensive tests.
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Innovative/ Dynamic Features
  • Fireup study material has many innovative/dynamic features that help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning. Fireup also offers unique value features that make it a personalized training program.
Score Analysis
  • Each chapter has a score link which gives the performance details of Basic Level Practice Test and CAT Level Practice Test.
  • A ScoreChart shows the number of questions attempted, questions not attempted, corrects, incorrects, total score and target score.
  • A pie chart shows clearly the percentage of questions rightly answered, questions wrongly answered and questions not attempted.
Question Analysis
  • Each question comes with a detailed explanation which you can view if you wish after giving your response.
  • In case, there is still some doubt you can avail the unique 'Ask Doubt' facility.
Ask Doubt
  • The courseware is very interactive and provides mentor support at each step. Below each question there is a button called “Ask Doubt”. If you have any doubts, simply click on it and send your query. Within 12 hours your query will be answered and you can view it in the Doubt inbox of your account. An email notification will be sent for the same.
Question Bank
  • There is an exhaustive and comprehensive repository of questions to practice with. The questions are graded on difficulty levels and give you scope for unlimited practice to consolidate and strengthen your concepts.
Sectional Tests
  • There are Sectional tests which are regularly put up by the course facilitator based on combinations of different chapters as well as full length sectional tests. They serve to test and enhance your topic proficiency and also make you adept in handling variations in the way a question may be couched.
Additional Study Material
  • Fireup provides additional study material and extra practice for other important management entrance exams in India like XAT, MAT, JMET, FMS, IIFT, IRMA etc.
Performance Accelerators
  • The study material is power-packed with tips, tricks, shortcuts and intuitive methods of solving the questions.
  • It has valuable inputs from innovative and revolutionary performance enhancing techniques like Quicker Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics, Speed Reading, Memory Boosters, Mind Mapping, Lateral Thinking, etc. which give a winner’s edge to your preparation.
On-line student page
  • Each student is assigned a personalized web page which gives his profile, buddy information, and other information he would like to share. The student page also records the student’s performance and progress. The student page also gives him updates and important information from time to time.
Personal Scheduler
  • Each student gets an online personal task scheduler and to-do list manager. It is an exceptional planner which provides a system to create your schedule of tasks and get task updates, set timelines and prioritization and get an overview of all the outcomes you are working upon.
  • This is a very effective personal time management tool that helps you increase productivity and make better use of your time.
Buddy System
  • The Buddy System offers you the unique advantage of collaborative learning in which the course co-ordinator pairs you with a peer who becomes a facilitator and motivator. You are able to discuss the material in the course, monitor and assist each other with preparations and significantly enhance your learning experience.
Method of Preparation

Phase 1 – Build your fundamentals/ get the basics right
  • The first step is to develop and strengthen the understanding of fundamental concepts. Each chapter gives you a strong foundation in the basics in a simple and fun way. It also provides you tips, tricks, shortcuts and latest research based accelerated learning techniques that help in solving the questions with speed and accuracy.
  • The solved conceptual examples reinforce your understanding of the basic concepts and prepare you for the next level.
Phase 2- Practice/ makes you perfect!
  • The next level is practice, practice and more practice. Each lesson is followed by Basic Level Practice Test and CAT Level Practice Test to sharpen your skills. The Basic Level Practice Tests are elementary tests and CAT Level Practice Tests, as the name suggests have CAT level questions from that chapter.
  • These practice tests give you a score analysis that helps you to identify your strong and difficult topics. Accordingly, you can work on the areas in which you are weak and practice to get greater conceptual clarity.
  • Besides the fixed static tests, you can take additional concept practice tests based on difficulty levels. The concept practice tests have an inbuilt intelligence program that allows you to choose the difficulty level of your tests. The tests have three levels from which you can select- easy, medium and difficult.. Starting from the easy level you can advance to more difficult levels. This uniquely allows you to build your skills in a scientific and personalized manner.
  • Additionally, the Question Bank gives you scope for unlimited practice and makes you at ease with various types of questions.
Phase 3 -Testing – Build competencies
  • The next step after solving concept practice exercises is to graduate to Section Tests and module level practice exercises. There are Section tests which are regularly put up by the course facilitator based on combinations of different chapters as well as full length sectional tests. They serve to consolidate your concept application, enhance your topic-wise proficiency and help you to develop your speed and improve accuracy. The sectional tests fully prepare you for the exacting standard of questions in CAT.
Phase 4- Simulating the CAT- Strengthen your test taking skills
  • After Phase 3, you have built your competencies in all the topics and are now ready to test the waters. The all-India synchronized Mock CAT Test Series and other full length tests give you a feel of the CAT exam many times before the actual CAT exam and hone your test-taking skills. A detailed personalized analysis of your performance in the tests gives you feeedback on different test-taking parameters and helps you to form your strategy for score optimization and success in the CAT.
You are now ready to crack the CAT and making your dreams come true!!!
"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire." -- Fred Shero
CD Module  

Product Description
  • A revolutionary 'Group Discussion' Training Program on an innovative CD-ROM platform to boost your preparations.
  • Group Discussion is an evaluation platform to judge the aspirant–s verbal and non-verbal communication skills, group dynamics, knowledge base and attitude. It is a critical component in the selection process be it for admissions to a premier B-School, campus recruitment or for a dream job. 'Fireup' provides you all the ammunition you need to take the challenge head on and fire-up your chances of achieving the dream of your life.
  • An innovative series of four mock group discussion videos enables the user to see the body language and hear the voices of on-screen video participants in a typical group discussion setting and interact in real time. It uniquely allows the aspirants to actively observe and evaluate commonly made GD mistakes as well as the corresponding positive scenarios and learn from them.
  • A role-play video, an animated case study video make use of cutting-edge technology to facilitate the visualization of concepts and examples.
  • The interactive CD with audio files contains comprehensive preparatory tips, evaluation criteria, group psychology guide, sample cases and success strategies with 'fireup missiles' for a successful GD outcome.
  • “When you're prepared, you're more confident. When you have a strategy, you're more comfortable.” Have a confident and comfortable GD experience with this winning program!!!
Give your GD preparations the technology advantage!!!
Personal Interview
  • A breakthrough 'Fireup' interactive CD-ROM which takes your Personal Interview Preparation to the next level. Its revolutionary feature is a discovery-learning simulation which enables the user to see the body language and hear the voices of on-screen video participants in a typical interview setting and interact in real time. It uniquely allows aspirants to see and hear examples of good interviews and common interview mistakes and learn from them.
  • Personal Interview is a very critical component in the selection process be it for admissions to a premier B-School, campus recruitment or for a dream job.
  • This innovative and interactive program provides comprehensive personal interview preparatory tips, assessments of interview environment, personal interview topics, typical questions, criteria of judgement, do’s and don’ts, tips on handling different interviewer styles, sample interviews and winning strategies. It guides you through self-assessments and offers extensive explanations on handling problem areas.
  • Expert advice is provided for boosting verbal and non-verbal communication competence, paperwork preparation and writing winning resumes.
  • Take the advantage of Virtual Interview Preparation for a successful interview experience. Breeze through your interview in flying colours and make your dreams come true!!!