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Posted this at 11:23 PM - 25th July, 2010 .
“FireUpCat is doing so good that it is helpful for CAT preparation. its a nice start for the CAT prepaprators. Thank You Dhivya.R”
~ ~ Dhivya.R
Posted this at 4:04 AM - 27th August, 2009 .
“Nice to hear from you. I went through your portal. It's quite impressive. What makes your portal really credible is the fact that the rates are right there on the home page.I also feel that online CAT preparation will become increasingly relevant with CAT going online.I will be happy to add a link to your portal on my blog.Good luck for your venture.Best,Divya”
~ ~ Divya Narain
Posted this at 11:23 PM - 16th August, 2009 .
“Dear Sir, I have downloaded the free ebook and read ,I found it is extraordinary...I also checked the cost of the materials...and I need to get your valuable materials for various competitive exams...But due to financial problem I think I might not get these materials...Kindly let me know how I can get these materials if is there any way... Thank you very much sir for helping the students through out the country.... I always need your valuable advice... Sincerely, S Kumar,Orissa”
~ ~ S Kumar
Posted this at 4:04 AM - 30th June, 2009 .
“A BIG Thumbs Up for .Give this a shot ,dear aspirants and you will be fired up and raring to go by the time you sit for CAT'09.Comprehensive And Thorough,thats how I will summarise the site.A must for managemnet wannabes.”
~ ~ Debasish
Posted this at 2:02 AM - 25th May, 2009 .
“This is the best CAT preparation site I have come across. The other similar portals are no where close in terms of the course content, use of technology and test series analysis. In short it is definitely value for money. ”
~ ~ Sachin Gupta
Posted this at 6:06 AM - 21st March, 2009 .
“hi its really very helpful site 4 cat preparation”
~ ~ Buddhayan Ray
Posted this at 10:10 AM - 4th December, 2008 .
““Hey!! Are you one of those who dreams of making it to the most prestigious institutions in India but barred by the lack of proper guidance?? Here you are, just a few steps away from making your dream into a reality. At we give you a reason to dream Big. We provide the aspirants with questions based on the latest CAT pattern. You are also advised to avail the "Complete CAT preparation Kit” which follows a rigorous method to prepare you in a way that makes you competent enough. The most advantageous part of the entire procedure is that it can be availed online. So now you can fulfill your dreams at home only saving much of your time and energy for the rest. So go ahead a few steps to pursue your dream in reality, because at Fireup we believe: If you have the passion, then we have a reason ". ”
~ ~ Rupam
Posted this at 10:10 AM - 4th December, 2008 .
“What makes this website stand scores ahead of others is its meticulous content. It's a panacea to all CAT related problems ranging from, time management to depth of concept. Finally the arcane part of belling the CAT has been revealed by diligent IIM Alumni. The use of high end technology and completely web based course make this site an impeccable venture and a “must visit “place for passionate CAT aspirants like me.”
~ ~ Saptarshi Chatterjee
Posted this at 4:16 PM - 3rd December, 2008 .
“The cat is not elusive any more. Finally I have come across a course which makes you channelize your energies in an optimal manner towards cracking the mother of all exams. No more dissipation of energies in assembling course material from myriad sources so that I don't miss out on something really important. No more wasting precious time in commuting to coaching centers when what I need is just a click away. No more unnecessary burden on the family exchequer. A complete package which gets you firing on all cylinders to tame the cat. ”
~ ~ Yamini Banka